Keeping an Eye on Productivity: Bizerba Introduces the BRAIN2 OEE Software Module

Balingen, Jun 30, 2016 | Bizerba expands the BRAIN2 industrial software by introducing the OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) module. Food producers can use this application to easily determine the effectiveness of their production and to locate areas requiring further optimization. For this purpose, the software computes the OEE metric from three parameters: availability, quality and performance.

Although the issue of overall equipment effectiveness has not only become relevant with the increasing automation of the manufacturing processes in the food industry, calculating this effectiveness metric has now become easier with suitable software. OEE consists of three metrics: availability (the ratio between downtime and theoretical production time), machine performance and output quality. Together, these metrics illustrate the effectiveness of an operation.


By clearly displaying the measured effectiveness, Bizerba’s BRAIN2 OEE software provides improved safety and transparency. The solution can analyze the data of specific production lines or of an entire factory. To this end, it captures downtimes, wastage and total performance on a per-article, per-line and per-day basis. The overviews presented by the software clearly pinpoint any inefficiencies, enabling informed decisions on investments into better processes and equipment.

Viewing Resources Individually

It makes sense to optimize production using suitable programs at the production control and factory manager level. BRAIN2 OEE helps to better utilize existing resources. The modules of Bizerba’s software platform can be compiled individually depending on the specific requirements of each production operation, obviating the need to purchase a fixed configuration.


The software centrally stores large amounts of data, enabling companies to access these data from anywhere. Thanks to its consistent user interface, the software can be implemented at multiple locations without training times. BRAIN2 runs on all common Windows operating systems.