Bizerba baking ovens: efficient, consistent and profitable

Reimagined and evolved for the 21st Century in-store bakery. Bizerba baking ovens are designed to be: Efficient, Consistent and Profitable for today's smaller in-store bakeries.

The Bizerba baking oven is the ideal solution for today’s modern, in-store bakery that is focused on increased profitability through efficient operations, intelligent energy usage and sustainability by minimizing waste.

Bizerba's baking oven is the first baking oven designed with a sliding pocket door, which reduces the operating space required by as much as 65% when compared with larger single rack ovens, making it a perfect fit for smaller instore bakeries.


The baking chamber is optimized for maximum air flow and even baking and combined with its Intelligent Baking Control (IBC) system, it will consistently bake your products to perfection, reducing waste due to poor bake quality.


Bizerba’s baking ovens are available in two model sizes: four trays and eight trays (can be combined to make a twelve-tray station), making them perfect for today’s “fresh all day” in-store bakeries that utilize smaller batch baking schedules.



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