RetailApp PowerQueue

Optimum use of waiting times: Manage waiting times and queues at the fresh food counter with the RetailApp PowerQueue and enable your customers to optimally use their shopping times.

The RetailApp PowerQueue provides a queuing solution which optimizes the service processes at fresh food counters. Various queuing sections can be defined and simultaneously supplied with queuing numbers by one and the same printer. The queuing information for customers can be shown on the customer display of the scale as well as on external screens and be integrated into existing advertising structures. Moreover, audio files for acoustic signals for forwarding to the next queue number can be integrated. PowerQueue for perfect organization at fresh food counters.




  • Displaying of queuing information on the customer side of the scale and on external screens
  • Definition of various queuing sections
  • Integration of acoustic signals possible
  • Generation of queuing reports possible



  • User-friendly and individually designable interface
  • Use of existing advertising spaces for integrating the queuing information
  • Various queuing sections controllable via one and the same printer
  • Effective organization at the fresh food counter

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