The Game Changer: CleanCut® Linerless Solution

No more compromises – labeling to perfection


Benefit from all advantages: The CleanCut® Linerless Solution revolutionizes Full-Wrap and C-Wrap labeling with linerless labels. A complete solution consisting of labels, hardware, software, service and support from a single source for a clear increase in efficiency.


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Optimal hardware for flawless results


Labeling system GLM-Ievo CleanCut and CleanCut® linerless labels perfectly match for best performance. The GLM-Ievo CleanCut impresses with high precision label positioning and increases productivity due to easy-to-replace wear and tear parts. Minimal setup times for article changes thanks to automatic setting to package size, label position and print area.

CleanCut® linerless saving costs & resources


No more adhesive residues on blades. Our globally unique coating technology saves adhesive on the cutting areas. The blade is almost free from adhesion. In addition, your GLM-Ievo CleanCut system keeps running much longer. Use every millimeter of a roll with CleanCut® linerless. The perfect adhesive layer all over the innovative label makes the linerless labels even more economical. Good for your costs. Good for the environment.

Perfect teamwork Quality up, setup times down


Avoid machine downtimes - label and hardware make a perfect team. Match your CleanCut® Linerless Solution exactly to your needs: using Bizerba labeling and weighing technology, labels and software, with our global service and support as well as our financing offers.

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Increase productivity, efficiency and sustainability of your production:

  • Considerably lowering effort: Significantly less blade cleaning due to less adhesion of adhesive residues
  • Fewer roll changes: Up to 40 % more labels per roll compared to labels with liner
  • Saving storage space: Less rolls in stock as CleanCut® linerless label rolls have more labels
  • Using linerless rolls up to the core: Even adhesion application
  • Automated adjustment allows minimal setup times for article changes
  • High quality product presentation in the store shelf even if the label carries a lot of information
  • Avoiding waste: No liner, no punching residues, roll use up to the core


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