Bizerba Digital Service: Augmented Services

Augmented Services is the next level of remote support. With the virtual service, you can simply remedy any potential device or system fault faster and more cost effectively. Intelligent service that allows you to increase the availability of your production

Bizerba Digital Service: Augmented Services is the next level of remote support.

Merging reality with virtual information

Link real technical images with virtual circuit diagrams on a tablet and discuss the technical situation live with the Bizerba Service experts. This is made possible with Augmented Services - no high investment costs needed. “The boundaries between the real and the virtual world are becoming fluid” Frank Steinlehner, Director of Global Technical Support at Bizerba, declares. “We are now taking advantage of this innovation in remote maintenance.”

This innovation can be experienced in the quality of remote communication. It is increased with the integrated augmented reality elements. Frank Steinlehner continues by explaining the difference: “Together with the customer, we can now better view and clarify the technical situation. The Bizerba service technician, with special remote support training, sees, for example, in an optimized live video exactly what the customer sees. Of course, this kind of communication is also possible offline, for example via Snap Shot. Then, in real time, the service technician can draw upon targeted information from the Bizerba cloud that he needs to solve the problem. This by far exceeds what is possible during a phone conversation or by logging into the device.”

Live is quicker

The Bizerba technician is much closer to the customer with the live factor. “Especially where complex digital solutions are concerned, this virtual closeness is a real advantage. Customers can draw upon the knowledge of the Bizerba experts to solve a problem together - irrespective of where the customer’s location is”, says Frank Steinlehner to underscore the benefits. “Communication becomes easier, because everything is clearer. Everyone involved, from the customer, the service technician to the experts, can see exactly what they are talking about on their smart phones, tablets or even with their smart glasses. Naturally, this also saves time and costs.”

The basis for this new type of exchange is the Bizerba Augmented Services app. You can download the app to your mobile device free of charge. The app gives you the opportunity to quickly and reliably remedy any incidents yourself. Your Bizerba service technician will guide you easily step-by-step through the process.

Networked processes

The virtual service provides for even faster solutions and continuous service availability:

If, for example, it turns out that the device or system requires repairs, scheduling is optimized by data and workflow. Because, with the pre-analysis via video, chat or remote software, the technician knows which spare parts and tools he must have with him for this call. So, he is fully equipped when he arrives at the call, which prevents the need for multiple calls. This is also a lever that helps to reduce maintenance costs.

More comfort and usability

For Frank Steinlehner, the Augmented Services potential has by far not yet been exhausted: “In the Digital Services white paper, we lay out a scenario in the future on how this service will develop further. Users will be able to experience the use of their Bizerba solutions all over again. I feel that our Augmented Services will allow us to offer our customers even more comfort and usability. For our team, being able to develop new capabilities is definitely a very exciting challenge.”