Environmental policy

Bizerba’s environmental policy is anchored in its environmental objectives. It affects all areas of the company and all staff roles internally, and it helps shape relationships with customers and suppliers as well as our societal and social responsibility as a company externally.

Bizerba Enviromental policy

Environmental protection is down to both management and employees

Environmental protection is a fundamental management task. All supervisors and staff members therefore work conscientiously towards the daily implementation of environmental protection measures. Training and motivation for environmentally-aware activity are a central element of Bizerba’s environmental policy, and are documented in an annual report by the designated environment officer.


Laws, standards and guidelines

Bizerba is commited to adhering to appropriate and environmentally relevant laws, standards and guidelines. This is why the company works with authorities, institutions and qualified partners on an on-going basis.

We review our environmental objectives and program at regular intervals and inform staff about our activities. We are thus also committed to reporting on our environmental management at works meetings and works council meetings.


Obligation to customers, staff and interested parties

Bizerba has set itself the objective of giving all customers the certainty that they are purchasing an environmentally sound product. This includes adhesion to environmentally-oriented procedures and processes within the company. We also provide regular information about environmentally specific aspects of our products with regard to handling, use, returns, recycling and disposal.


Environmentally-oriented products and processes

The aim of Bizerba’s environmental management system is the continuous improvement of operational environmental protection. In our product development and introduction of new production processes, we consider both materials and methods. We examine the entire product life-cycle from commercial and ecological points of view. Our organisational and technical measures, including specific emergency planning, are based on the best available technology in this regard.


Saving resources, avoiding waste and emissions

Both with product development and production, as well as in the definition and evaluation of the entire infrastructure, Bizerba places great emphasis on minimising its use of energy, raw materials and other natural resources. We reduce waste, residues, emissions, noise pollution, waste water and other environmental stresses to an absolute minimum or avoid them entirely where possible.