Our company makes history and has done so for more than 150 years

Bizerba's success story begins more than 150 years ago in Balingen, Baden-Wuerttemberg. To this day the founding family Kraut, now already in its fifth generation, has a close relationship to Balingen and Bizerba. During its lifetime, Bizerba has become a global operating, in many areas leading technology company, blending established traditions and values with continual innovations and fresh thinking.

Weighing and metering


Bizerba builds the first program-controlled weighing machine for compound mixtures.

On par with the industrial progress


The first calibrated invoicing machine with printing function is developed by Bizerba. With the WS 6000, Bizerba launches the first opto-mechanical weighing cabinet with an accuracy previously thought impossible in industrial weighing technology. The fully automatic analogue and digital weighing range has a resolution of 6,000 parts. Shortly later its successor, the WS 10000, appears on the market.

Slicing machines with automatic slice tray


The birth of a unique Bizerba invention: a cutting blade which automatically returns to its safety position after use. The fact it isn’t touched means hygiene increases. The use of food slicing machines becomes more popular.

Largest scale in the world


Bizerba builds a 600 tonne mechanical platform scale in the Ruhr area of Germany for weighing train wagons. The tare weighing part is based on the innovative WS 10000 with a weighing range subdivided into 10,000 parts. This is an important 1969 step towards the age the digital weighing.

Leader in price labling


With self-service stores looming on the horizon, Bizerba introduces the heat seal label in 1960 as its first labelling solution. The demand for price labellers continues to grow. The picture shows an early OP scales price labeller.

Scale of the year


Bizerba E 2000, the electronic shop scales, with “intelligence” is winner of the Scales of the Year award. Wilhelm Kraut Junior, Honorary Senator, (right) receives the award.

Hybrid and digital technology for industry


Bizerba develops the first digital evaluation and display system for industry. The MCA and MCU industrial terminals mark the transition from mechanical to hybrid scales.

Self service scales as innovation


The first ever product solution comprising scales and a label printer sees the beginning of a new type of self-service sales. The quality of the self-service, which now includes fruit and vegetables, reaches an unprecedented level.