Sustainable solutions in line with the requirements of the economy, ecology and society

Bizerba is committed to the "Blue Competence" initiative of VDMA (German Engineering Federation) and makes significant investments in research activities to design and provide products and solutions in terms of sustainability.

This is an initiative to bring together know-how with the objective to sustainably use natural resources in order to protect the environment.

Responsibility for the future

Blue Competence is a sustainability initiative established by VDMA. Professional associations and industry organizations network in order to bundle resources and know-how on environmental protection. Approximately 400 companies committed to ecology, environmental awareness, energy efficiency and sustainability in their strategic alignment - including Bizerba - have joined this initiative.


As a family-run company with a history spanning more than 150 years, Bizerba assumes responsibility for paving the way for a sustainable future. Subjects such as the growing energy demand worldwide, the effects of climate change, food waste and unnecessary mountains of trash should concern us all. With our commitment to the Blue Competence Initiative of VDMA we are setting a sign and consciously invest time, money and resources in research in order to e.g. optimize our products' energy efficiency.

Economical slicers with an intelligent motor control system

After years of research, Bizerba has found a possibility to significantly reduce the energy consumption of slicers. Using an intelligent motor control unit, the motor's electronic system provides exactly the output required to slice the specific product.


If the operator inserts a product which is easy to slice, the machine detects the specific resistance and provides a correspondingly lower power to the blade motor. The motor only uses its full torque and the maximum motor output for products which are difficult to slice. Because of this demand-based motor output, the slicers need up to 45 percent less power than conventional machines on the market depending on the respective load profile. In stand-by mode no power is consumed at all.

Significant waste reduction: Labels without backing paper

Bizerba also opts for efficient solutions in the field of labels. Conventional products need silicone backing paper which the labeler strips off before labeling. In this process, tremendous volumes of waste are generated. This can be illustrated using an example: If a producer changes the rolls on every printer for an average of 2000 times per year, this generates one ton of waste. To remedy this Bizerba offers linerless labels with surface refinement so that they adhere to each other in layers. As a result, backing paper is no longer necessary. This technology is resource-saving and will form an important element of sustainable packing in the future.

Honored commitment: Bizerba receives Sigma Sustainability Award 2020

With the "Supplier Excellence Award", Sigma recognizes companies in Europe which anchor sustainability in their strategy. A few weeks ago, the 2020 winners were announced and Bizerba is one of the award winners. We are delighted to have won this award.

The subsidiary of global food company Sigma honored 25 out of 300 suppliers. With our digital inspection solutions and weigh price labeling systems we were part of the "packaging" category.


After intensive screening of the entire company we were awarded the "Supplier Excellence Award". A total of 6 sustainable dimensions have been evaluated:

  • Work
  • Social issues
  • Health
  • Anti-corruption
  • Environment and
  • Certifications

Andreas W. Kraut (CEO) on the Sigma Award: "Implementing sustainability requires perseverance. This award is a fresh energy boost and confirms our work. For us, the common goal is absolutely worthwhile: A livable and human future."