Attaining increased food safety with multi-functional inspection systems

Germany has a leading role in the field of food safety. For years, producers have ensured reliable quality assurance in accordance with international standards.

For the food manufacturers concerned, these kinds of situations are costly in terms of time and expense - not merely in view of the logistics costs incurred: Not only that, but they must also regain the trust of consumers and the damage to the painstakingly acquired brand image. Inspection systems support food manufacturers in avoiding quality defects the easy way. This is because of the ability to inspect food safety can be integrated as an automated step in supply chains. Digitally networked solutions make reliable quality assurance possible and at the same time a means to seamlessly trace contaminated food. The objective is to supply safe, hygienically packed products, labeled with cleanly positioned labels that are clearly legible and bear the correct information. Manufacturers can inspect products based on individually defined specifications and/or officially binding criteria. Legal standards as well as national and international stands - for example HACCP, IFS and BRC - can be met effortlessly and reliably.

Food contamination as a result of metal, plastic, glass, ceramic or organic particles? Leaking sealing seams, incorrectly positioned labels, faulty information on the labels? Matching inspection technologies are available for the various control applications.

A metal detector uses electromagnetic fields to recognize if a foreign particle is in a product. Pure metal detection technology is expedient if it can be ruled out that the products cannot be contaminated by other materials in the production line.


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An x-ray inspection system detects with the aid of electromagnetic waves whether a foreign particle is in a product. The difference in the density of foreign particles and product is decisive in order to be able to detect contamination easily. If in addition to metal foreign particles, other particles such as plastic, stone, glass or ceramics can potentially contaminate the product, x-ray inspection is the appropriate technology


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Depending on the need, inspection cameras inspect products for defined quality attributes, sealing seams for contamination and packages for faulty labels. Camera images are analyzed with teachable software. The solution for label inspection and defects visible on the exterior.


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