Cleaning Made Easy – Less Work, More Hygiene

Cleaning Made Easy – Less Work, More Hygiene

Hygienic Design

Hygienic design is simply a must for our slicers, because a maximum degree of hygiene is essential when there is direct contact to food products.Smooth surfaces, rounded edges, a reduction of joints and other spots susceptible to dirt – all of this is a matter of course on any Bizerba device. Mounting parts and other parts can be removed for cleaning especially quickly and easily. The Ceraclean® surface coating especially developed by us offers a high degree of protection from microorganisms, is extremely anti-adhesive and can be easily wiped down.

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Our cleaning and care products

The Bizerba cleaning and care products series adhere to the highest standards. We develop the recipes especially for the surface materials that we use. This allows you to achieve reliable, thorough, yet at the same time gentle cleaning results on a variety of surfaces, – whether on Bizerba devices or those offered by other manufacturers.

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Plastic cleaner

The environmentally friendly cleaner contains ingredients for use on plastics in particular. It allows you to keep surfaces perfectly clean in production and sales, and to also care for the material, ensuring the longevity of your device. Thanks to the anti-static effect, less dust accumulates on the treated surfaces – yet another important plus for hygiene. Another plus, the cleaner is optimally suited for almost any plastic. So, you can rest assured it can even be used not only for devices produced by Bizerba, but also for PCs, phones and other things.


Stainless steel cleaner

Gentle and thorough cleaning and care of high-quality metal surfaces: Our stainless steel cleaner eliminates fingerprints and other marks on stainless steel and metal surfaces without corroding the material. With an NSF registration in the C1 category for Nonfood Compounds, the cleaner meets a high standard of hygiene. It leaves no smears and is anti-static. This allows it to also protect against dust build-up. The stainless steel cleaner is suitable for all metal surfaces – whether shop scales, meat processing each with a link to product / category page or other systems.

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