Hygiene – Now More Important Than Ever

These days, hygiene is a topic that takes center stage. This is because customers and partners have become aware of the dangers like never before. It is within the company’s DNA at Bizerba to uphold the highest hygiene standards. After all, our success story started with scales for butcher shops: those locations at which, day in and day out, the most demanding hygiene standards are required to work with food.

To this day, Bizerba is your competent partner in every respect when it comes to the topic of hygiene.

Hygiene along the entire supply chain

Hygiene along the entire supply chain


In the Bizerba portfolio, you will find a range of innovative hardware and software solutions on the topic of hygiene that apply to the entire supply chain – from industrial production to the preparation room through to the service counter and payment processing in retail environments. Whether the food industry, logistics, in wholesale, retail or skilled trade: You can rely on sophisticated solutions that will allow you to implement your specific hygiene demands to the point.


Supporting your team effectively

We support employees in production, in trade and in retail to easily, quickly and efficiently meet the set standards. With hygienically clean hardware systems in a clean production and work environment – and also for any direct interaction with the end customer.

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Cleaning made easy

Optimal cleaning and care of your device is especially critical when the device is in direct contact with food products. The Bizerba Cleaning and Care series adheres to the highest standards, providing you the support you need to clean you devices quickly and easily, especially in stressful situations.

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