Industrial slicer A560

Benefit from an automated hardware and software solution with the A560. You slice, weigh and portion a large product variety to target weight with just one device. Produce order-based and increase your profits slice by slice.

The automatic slicer A560 fulfills the needs of large-scale gastronomy/system gastronomy, large caterers, supermarkets/butcheries or industrial food processors.
Fast product changes and short set-up times make your production flexible and economical. With its unique, integrated slicing and weighing function the A560 lowers give-away up to 15%. Irrespective of whether you process equalized or naturally grown products to decorative stacks, shingles or portions. Also in terms of a location for the A560 you are free to choose – from production up to cleaning. The mobile and space-saving design makes it possible. Record your production data wit the industrial software _statistics.BRAIN. The ideal basis to control, document and evaluate your processes.

Secteur d'activité

Large hotels and restaurants/system gastronomy

  • Portioning of snack slice of cold meat
  • Target weight slicing of cold cut portions to be served on a platter


Large caterers

  • Preparation of cold cut and cheese platters
  • Slicing to exact target weight


Supermarket/butchery Preparation room:

  • Pre-slicing of cold cuts and cheese for the counters and the self-service area
  • Feeding of small packaging machines


Industrial food processors

  • Producing convenience: Slicing in lines
  • Slicing of naturally grown products and small batches with minimal weight loss


Points forts

  • Slicing, shingling or stacking of almost any kind of sausage meats and cheeses - and usually without having to pre-frost.
  • Producing efficiently due to easy handling, space-saving design and fast product change
  • Hygienic working due to the automatic production: Less contact with product to be sliced reduces the risk of germs
  • Perfect target weight control with tendency control with to-the-slice precision
  • Simple reporting of production parameters and line output with _statistics.BRAIN
  • High investment protection due to a robust stainless steel design: Ideally suitable for intense production environments

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For perfect slices product must be optimally guided. Bizerba offers a broad portfolio of function variants. Should further adjustments be necessary, our Bizerba applications team for Food Processing Machines will work on a solution.

    • integrated scale for portioning and weighing of individual slices
    • Product fixation with hold-down device for perfect slicing results
    • An optimized product holder is available for every product.
    • The right discharge conveyor is available for every production requirement
    • TCP/IP-connection to _statistics.BRAIN
    • Customized solutions are developed and implemented by the Customer Solution Center


  • 200 - 240 V three-phase current
  • 400 V three-phase current


Housing materials

  • anodized aluminum
  • Stainless steel
  • Plastic


Installation area (L x W)

  • 1381 x 800 mm / 54.4" x 31.5"


Max. dimensions (L x W x H)

  • 2320 x 800 x 1835 mm / 91.3" x 31.5" x 72.2"


Blade diameter

  • 420 mm / 16.5"


Slicing performance

  • Without scale: 40 - 250 slices/min.
  • When using a scale: 40 - 200 slices/min.


Product size

  • Round: Ø 40 - 180 mm / 1.6" - 7.1”
  • Height: 30 - 180 mm / 1.2" - 7.1”
  • Width: 50 - 210 mm / 2.0" - 8.3"
  • Length: 600 mm / 23.6"


Slice thickness adjustment

  • 0.5 - 50mm / 0.02 - 2.0”


Protection type

  • IPx5


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