Vision inspection system ClassCheck

Defects such as mechanical damages and visual deficiencies are detected and non-conforming products rejected. ClassCheck can be easily integrated in high performance slicers which enhances quality during the slicing process and of the merchandise.

ClassCheck offers you optical real time control of sliced, unpackaged products. The inspection system checks the top slice of a product stack for geometrical or mechanical damages such as holes, wrinkles or incorrect alignment. Depending on the product ClassCheck checks for fat content, pieces of fat, blood spots or fat streaks. In the case of cooked ham, for example, the device checks for the presence, location and thickness of rind. In raw ham it records slices having a large amount of fat or sinews. ClassCheck detects areas with dark veins. Products not meeting the quality requirements are sorted out after the slicing process.
With an output of up to 100 stacks per minute and per lane and with continuous monitoring and adjustment of parameters in the slicing and forming process productivity is improved. Cookies, donuts or other food can be similarly checked for conformity and appearance and be qualified.

Area of Use

  • Product integrity check (completeness, shape, no spoilage)
  • Optical analysis of surfaces or textures


  • Ensuring a constant product quality which also meets consumer expectations
  • Increase in productivity due to automated processes
  • Continuous process optimization:
    • Detailed information on each product stack, e.g. fat content, completeness and appearance
    • Ideal database for analyzing and optimizing upstream processes
  • Complete tracking of production data:
    • Archiving of images and production history
  • Hygienically flawless control without touching
  • Synchronous inspection on 2 parallel running lanes
  • Reliable sorting out of non-conforming products in the clean room slicing area
  • Can be easily integrated in monitoring software or a company's own ERP system
  • Asynchronous checking on several lanes possible
  • Remote support via Internet or secure website
Specifications Facts Details
Functions Inspection of slices based on defined criteria – Among other things definition of type of defect, size and dimensions
– No deformation of slices during inspection
– Minimum distance of half a slice between each product stack
Product dimensions of sliced product package Max. width and length of package contour:
250 mm x 250 mm
Package height: from 3 mm
Package distance: at least half a package
Variable product presentation in the package:
Shingles, individual slices, with or without interleaving material
Housing Hygienic design – EHEDG-certified
– Inclined planes to allow cleaning water to drain easily
– No risk of glass splinters as per HACCP directive
Protection type IP65 All optical components are integrated in a tightly sealed stainless steel housing
Recommended belt speed 45 m/min Up to 100 packages/min per lane
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