CleanCut® Linerless

CleanCut® Linerless revolutionizes product labeling: Increase your labeling efficiency, enhance your product's brand perception and protect the environment at the same time.


CleanCut® Linerless is the optimal solution for all labeling needs. Whether as a wrap-around label (full-wrap), multi-side label (C-wrap) or for classic labeling of individual packaging sides: You achieve best possible results. Select the label material which matches your needs: The basis is a high-quality paper or film material which is provided with adhesive and silicone strips individually adapted to the packaging. This allows maximum label adhesion despite reduced adhesive application. At the same time, this technology supports the exact positioning of the label on different packaging shapes, even under difficult production conditions. Benefit from our special coating technology which means that our CleanCut® Linerless is provided with adhesive-free gaps. The applicator cuts the labels precisely through these gaps allowing the blade to remain free from adhesive residue. This has been proven to reduce downtime for cleaning and maintenance while increasing your efficiency and production reliability.



  • Individual properties:
    • Various facestocks and adhesives
    • Need-based adhesive coating:
  • No soiling of the label applicator thanks to cutting through non-adhesive zones
  • Variable thermal transfer imprint possible
  • Avoiding waste: No liner
  • Efficient alternative to cardboard banderoles

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Thanks to the integrated silicone coating, CleanCut® Linerless requires no liner at all. Consequently, a roll has up to 90% more labels. This reduces downtime due to fewer roll changes and saves transport and storage capacity. At the same time you reduce waste and thus significantly increase your ecological balance. For a flawless result, we recommend the intelligent labeling system GLM-Ievo CleanCut. This solution is optimally matched to CleanCut® Linerless and offers you the best performance. CleanCut® Linerless is of course also suitable for all other common linerless label systems.

  • Reverse side printing for additional information
  • Plug-In® code for inline label check
  • Adhesive coating with continuous adhesive strip
  • Suitable thermal transfer ribbons


  • Coated paper (grammage: 170 g)
  • PP film (92µ)

Material color

  • White


  • Variable depending on packaging and application

Adhesive coating with non-adhesive zones

  • Width adhesive strip: 12, 16, 20 mm (non-adhesive zone: 5 mm)

Siliconization of the upper side

  • Width silicone strip: 16, 20, 30 mm (automatic adjustment to alternative adhesive widths)

Label format W x H

  • Label height 155 - 500 mm
  • Label width 50 - 125mm

Color preprint

  • Inline 8 colors (incl. varnish and black mark on the back)

Material alternatives

  • More facestocks, adhesives and coating widths upon request


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