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Possible cyber attack on Bizerba leads to global IT system shutdown

According to initial findings, the scale manufacturer Bizerba, headquartered in Balingen / Baden-Württemberg, may have been affected by a cyber attack. The company has immediately initiated corresponding security measures. Employees, customers, suppliers and partners are being informed.
Here in the UK, we can still receive emails as normal, however we are unable to reply via the email addresses. In the interim we will reply to your emails with the address
Bizerba is a German technology and software provider for weighing, cutting and labelling technology. The company supplies solutions for industrial companies in various sectors and is also an integral part of the stationary retail sector.
During the night from Sunday to Monday, the global company succumbed to a cyber attack on its IT systems, which ultimately led to a short-term security shutdown of all global systems. The way by which the potential attackers were able to penetrate the Bizerba network is currently being analysed in detail. On Monday morning, the company immediately informed all employees worldwide and initiated appropriate measures.
Working with the Bizerba IT systems is currently not possible, or only possible to a very limited extent. In addition, all global customers, suppliers and partners will be informed about the incident. In-house IT is already working together with external experts and forensics to investigate the incident and put an end to the possible attack.
Bizerba is keeping all stakeholders informed via the appropriate channels and will inform immediately as soon as there is a new state of knowledge.