Weighing in Challenging Environments: Bizerba Solutions at the POST-EXPO 2017

Balingen, 29-Jun-2017 | As a long-standing participant of the POST-EXPO in Geneva (Switzerland), Bizerba will be exhibiting at the trade show this year as well. From September 26 - 28, the manufacturer will be displaying current solutions and systems for the international mail, parcel and express-delivery industry, including the CWL-L dynamic in-motion scale and the DWS static volume measuring and weighing system at booth 3060.

The DWS 520 static system provides all important components for capturing complete data sets relevant for shipping costs, including volume, weight, and parcel identification. For instance, the VMS 510/520 is used to exactly determine the volume. The robust, static scale measures with 1-gram accuracy, and a barcode scanner reads the stored code information. Integrated into a rugged mechanical structure, all components are ready for operation and calibratable within minutes. Capturing barcode, weight and volume in a single step, DWS static is designed for applications with small to medium throughputs up to 500 pieces/hr. At the push of a button, the system provides all relevant data for calculating shipping costs or preparing the shipping documents. Calibrated systems like the DWS static are also mandatory for full data collection in ERP systems.

Designed for the Requirements of the Logistics Industry

Designed for a weight range of 15 to 60kg, the catchweigher CWL-L ensures quick, accurate weight measurements at high speeds of up to 3.1m/sec. Configuration and parametrization of the scale is done using the included software configuration tool. In addition, program sequences including completeness and commissioning control can be configured using the BRAIN2 software platform or a connected weighing terminal.

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