Vision inspection system SealSecure

Complete optical packaging inspection

Vision inspection system SealSecure checks the seal and seams on the package, labels and information on the top and bottom or the sides of the products. The stand-alone vision inspection device detects non-conforming packages prior to packaging and rejects them, if there are product, package discrepancies or deviations. The staff are then immediately warned visually and audibly in order to be able to intervene and rectify the problem.


Vision inspection system SealSecure prevents extensive and costly rework, eliminating claims and product recalls due to non-conforming packages. In addition, the Vision inspection system SealSecure ensures that only flawless products reach the market or end user. In addition, all the product images are saved in the production system and the relevant production reports are generated, the vision inspection system contributes to complete traceability of the production line. The Vision inspection system SealSecure is compatible with numerous production machinery types including checkweighing systems and additional x-ray food or metal detection systems and can be used for numerous inspection tasks. The machine comes as standard with IP65 protection. If you are looking for a slightly lower IP protection system then you may want to consider the Vision System LabelSecure.


Vision inspection additionally checks and records every package that passes along the production line, not only the seal integrity but also more importantly the labelling on the top and bottom of the package. Every bar code, sell by date and expiry date is checked. Even the font size and type is checked! Any data that does not conform to the parameters set up on the system, the Vision inspection system SealSecure will reject the packages. If the system identifies a consistent discrepancy it can be programmed to automatically halt the line. All the way back to packing.


Used in conjunction with our BRAIN2 industrial software you will ensure you are completely compliant and have real time visibility and full traceability. Contact us for a free site survey today!

Area of Use

  • 100% control of contaminated sealing seams


  • Contact-free and non destructive seal integrity inspection
  • Prevents leaking packages
  • Automatic sorting of products which do not correspond to reference criteria
  • Modularity to integrate a wide variety of sensors according to control requirements
  • Well suited for multi-format lines with automatic changes
  • Robust optical and vision systems resulting from 30 years of Luceo expertise
  • Compatible with a wide range of packages (thermoformed or top sealed trays and flow packs, seal area can be fully transparent, partly colored or printed)
  • Upgradeable for future needs
  • Hygienic design and time-saving cleaning
  • Software for complete tracking of all products: Saving of images incl. date and time, counter, production and machine log
  • Safe and easy operation:
    • Intuitive user interface with color touch screen
    • Offline parameter-setting allows manual adjustment of parameters based on saved images
  • Easy installation on existing lines (max. 2 meters including rejection)

Product images and technical information could deviate and may not be available in your country.

Industry 4.0: Intelligent solutions for more success

Industry 4.0: Intelligent solutions for more success


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  • IP66 protection
  • Air conditioning
  • Further inspection function: Checking of product presence in a package
  • Robot control
  • Production control due to passing on of signals


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