X-ray inspection system XRE-D

The end-of-line X-ray inspection system offers maximum safety. By using X-ray technology the XRE-D detects contaminated, damaged and defective products and packagings. Besides metallic and non-metallic foreign objects it detects missing, defective or misshaped products as well as overweight or underweight. Thanks to an efficient quick conveyor belt change system the belt can be changed within two minutes.

The product inspection system XRE-D X-ray inspection system detects all foreign objects, which due to their density, chemical components or mechanical dimensions absorb X-rays at a higher or lower degree than the surrounding product. During production numerous detection tasks can be safely fulfilled such as the detection of metals, glass, ceramics, stones, raw bones, PVC, Teflon, rubber, glass fibre reinforced plastics etc. In packaged or unpack-aged food (non-magnetic stainless steels and non-ferrous metals in aluminium packaged food).



X-Ray inspection is an ideal solution for food manufacturing companies. Not only detecting metal but irregular densities within the product. When used with a vision inspection system the combined inspection systems give the complete confidence that every package is checked not only on the inside but also on the outside. With vision inspection, you will have a digital record of every package that passes down the line. Each bar code is checked and cross-referenced with the internal dataset in real time. Offending packages will be rejected for manual inspection.



Leave nothing to chance and avoid costly product recalls by installing an x-ray inspection system. Metal detectors are extremely cost effective and good at detecting ferrous and non-ferrous metals however they fail to detect alternative foreign bodies that may have found their way into the produce.



In addition to the x-ray, inspection you may also want to consider a dynamic checkweigher integrated with the BRAIN2 industrial software solution. Offering full food traceability, production centralisation to a local terminal, back of office or multiple interfaces. The modular software is flexible and will work with your existing systems effortlessly and seamlessly.



Complete 360-degree protection for your brand, products and reputation. Leave no stone unturned with x-ray inspection. If you are unsure, what would be the best combination of inspection systems or software systems that could enhance your plant operations then why not contact us today. We offer free site surveys and consultation visits.

Area of Use

  • Contaminant detection
  • Counting of products
  • Completeness check
  • Detection of defective/misshaped products
  • Inspection of multiple lines
  • X-Ray Inspection of products with variable density ranges


  • Safe detection of metallic and non-metallic foreign objects in the entire inspection area: No dead angle even in case of tall products
  • Reliable detection of missing, broken or misshaped products
  • Weight control of products or product components
  • Chaotic product feed via multi-product software
  • Synchronous inspection of up to four parallel running production lines
  • Highest search sensitivity with zone analyzer software: Free zone selection within the X-ray image
  • Easy and intuitive operation
  • Conform with BRC, M&S, IFS and HACCP
  • Real time check of up to 400 products /minute
  • Easy care and cleaning due to compact, open and modular design
  • Efficient quick conveyor belt change system: Belt change within only two minutes

Product images and technical information could deviate and may not be available in your country.

An additional advantage: The device detects product defects such as cracks or air pockets in tubes and tins.

Benefit from precise results in real time and at high processing rates: Up to 400 packages/min. or 250 packages/min. for deep-draw packages are possible.

Higher Level Compliance package

Specifications Facts Details
Conveyor belt width/CBW 360 mm 610 mm 610 mm XRE-D 300/150
XRE-D 400/250
XRE-D 450/200
Max. inspection height 150 mm 250 mm 200 mm XRE-D 300/150
XRE-D 400/250
XRE-D 450/200
Max. inspection width 300 mm 400 mm 450 mm XRE-D 300/150
XRE-D 400/250
XRE-D 450/200
Conveyor belt height 900 ± 50 mm
800 ± 50 mm
750 ± 50 mm
For all types
XRE-D 300/150, XRE-D 450/200
XRE-D 400/250
Installation length 1,400 mm For all types w/o rejection device
Max. load 15 kg For all types w/o rejection device
Product features Packaged or firm consistency No open liquids
Product temperature -20 °C to +80 °C


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