Heavy Duty Commercial Meat Mincer FW N32/98

Ideal for commercial meat production environments

The FW-N 32/98 Heavy Duty Commercial Meat Mincer minces raw, cooked or smoked meat. Even marbled meat – in hot or cold form – bacon, offal, rind and vegetables can be minced.


For us, mincing means commutation or controlled processing of meat instead of squashing it. FW-N 32/98 Heavy Duty Commercial Meat Mincer produces a loose and fluffy volume. The mixture retains its red colour due to increased oxygen enrichment. Food processing facilities will achieve perfect results and the machines can be cleaned quickly and efficiently.


With a throughput of up to 1100 kg/h, the FW-N 32/98 Heavy Duty Commercial Meat Mincer is the right solution for preparation rooms, large kitchens or as a manual solution for production. Fast and precise mincemeat production with an impressive output per hour.


Some exciting features of the Heavy Duty Commercial Meat Mincer are as follows, Clearance-free fit for gentle commutation without warming up and with high oxygen enrichment for a longer product life. Ideal in the preparation room as a table top or stand-alone device Including a Particularly large one-piece feed pan. Stainless steel housing and thick-walled product feed pan ensuring a robust structure. Feed pan without folded upper edge for optimum hygiene Optimised worm shape for efficient feeding, largely without re-feeding.


If you are looking for slightly lower output but with the same exemplary results then you may want to consider the Commercial Meat Mincer FW N22/82. Robust and can be used as a table top machine, it offers an impressive 350 kilograms per hour output with IP45 protection as well as alternative cutting sets for different finishes or types of mince you wish to create. For more information on the range of meat processing equipment or you would like a free site survey, consultation visit or on site demonstration then feel free and contact us today.

Area of Use

  • Butcher shops and markets with fresh food counters, food service and catering businesses use the FW N 32/98 model which can mince up to 1,100 kilograms per hour
  • As a tabletop or stand-alone device it is primarily used in preparation areas and catering kitchens.
  • As a manual solution for smaller production quantities it is also suitable for use in harsh production environments.


  • Extra large one-piece feed pan with funnel-shaped opening
  • Gentle cutting process with the Bizerba worm solution; available for all customary cutting systems
  • Robust, with s/s housing, worm, and built with high protection for a long service life
  • With exchangeable worm housing to meet highest hygienic regulations
  • Coded cutting sets with screw cap for easy handling and homogenous mincing results
  • Seamlessly welded, thick-walled product tray
  • Quiet motor with long service life

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  • Tabletop and stand version, also mobile variant available
  • Splash guard
  • Cutting sets Longlife (Enterprise) and Unger 3/5-part design - also with LICO blades


  • 220 V / 230 V / 400 V / 425 V three-phase current


Housing materials

  • Stainless steel


Installation area (L x W)

  • Tabletop unit: 515 x 316 mm / 20.3" x 13.2"
  • Stand version: 521 x 360 mm / 20.5" x 14.7"


Max. dimensions (L x W x H)

  • Tabletop unit: 521 x 360 mm / 20.5" x 14.7"
  • Stand version: 880 x 520 x 1125 mm / 34.6" x 20.5" x 44.3"


Pan capacity

  • 50.0 l /13.2 G


Throughput performance max.

  • up to 1100 kg/h (2425.1 lb/hour)


Protection type

  • IP45


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