Ceraclean - The Essence of Purity

Bizerba’s slicing machines have been setting standards in regard to hygiene, security, energy and performance since decades. Each new generation represents the sum of optimally attuned, future-oriented components. This is made possible by the innovative development of materials as well as by precise processing, easy operation and the consequent reduction of welding spots. Thus Bizerba also developped the surface refinement Ceraclean on the basis of a composite of ceramic and PTFE (Polytetrafluorethylen).

Ceraclean for durability, hygiene and easy cleaning.

Future-oriented development

While surfaces made of stainless steel or Eloxal prevail generally in the slicer area, we contrast this with the material of Ceraclean, which offers markedly better product features. It was created for devices that require highest abrasion and chemical resistance. The material distinguishes itself by optimum nonstick and gliding properties, so that fluids roll off and greasy or strongly adhesive remains can be removed quickly. Devices provided this way show a special effect of cleanliness. Users benefit from the easy handling of products as well.


Moreover, favored by this ceramic technology slicing machines are resistant to corrosion and robust in usage. Endurance tests have proven this convincingly. In all aspects Ceraclean is superior to devices coated with Eloxal.



  • Optimum nonstick and gliding properties: fluids roll off, remains do not stick to surfaces
  • High comfort of operability by easy handling of the product
  • Devices are resistant to corrosion and robust in usage, proven by endurance tests
  • Improved cleanability, without aggressive cleaning agents
  • Markedly hygienic
  • Can be cleaned in dishwashers
  • Classy ceramic appearance