X-ray inspection system XRE-2 130/240

Thanks to its fully automatic X-ray technology this inspection system detects foreign objects and missing or misshaped parts in food - the XRE_2 130/240 misses nothing.

Product inspection system XRE_2 130/240 detects all foreign objects which due to their density, chemical components or mechanical dimensions better absorb X-rays than the surrounding product. This applies, for example, to contaminants consisting of metal, glass, ceramic and stone. Also some plastics (e.g. PVC, rubber) and other product defects (e.g. air pockets, fill level) can be detected.

Area of Use

  • In the food industry for the detection 1) of:
    • Magnetic and non-magnetic metals
    • Glass, stones, bones, rubber
    • Detection of narrow and tall products
  • Over and under-weight check

1) Not suitable for thick-walled tins and irregularly shaped jars


  • High-performance, durable X-ray tube with integrated high-voltage power supply unit
  • Automatic position adjustment of X-ray source to the product height in case of a product change
  • High-resolution detection unit
  • Outstanding radiation protection in accordance with the German X-ray Ordinance RöV (< 1 mSv/a)
  • Adsjustable guide bars for optimal product guidance
  • Setup easy to clean and maintain
  • No more high-maintenance radiation protective curtains
  • Flexibly combinable with various rejection systems
  • Detection of fill levels
  • Detection of numerous other product defects
  • Real-time operating system for high-speed inspection of up to 800 units/min (for small plastic bottles)

Product images and technical information could deviate and may not be available in your country.

Automatic positioning of the X-ray source to the product height

For each product, the product height can be stored in the relevant application. In case of a product change, the X-ray source automatically assumes the stored position. This makes operation much easier – no more long setup times.

  • Special current transformer for use in the USA
  • Rejection control for packaged products
  • Filling level indicator for collecting bin
  • Filter regulating valve
  • Compressed air monitoring
  • Optional detection of:
    • Broken and misshaped products
    • Products with air pockets
    • Product lumps
    • Missing products or ingredients
    • Determination of total weight

Inspection height

  • 50 mm - 240 mm; the X-ray source may be positioned between a product height of 50 mm at a minimum and 240 mm at a maximum. The product height is entered on the operating terminal. Afterwards, the X-ray source goes to the entered position.

Inspection width

  • max. 130 mm

Conveyor belt height

  • 900 mm +/-50 mm

Installation length

  • 2800 mm; including a rejection device

Max. load

  • 20 kg

Product features

  • Packaged or firm consistency;
  • no open liquids
  • Footprint > diameter 50mm (smaller products upon request)

Weighing unit

  • Industrial PC with 10" LCD flat screen with touch screen


  • integrated network connection for connection of a customer provided network (Ethernet 100/1000Mbps)

Product temperature

  • -20°C to +80°C

Operating conditions

  • 0°C to +32°C with cooling device; other temperatures upon request, no direct sunlight, relative humidity 10-90%, non-condensing

Protection type

  • IP66 conveyor belt with drum motor
  • IP65 housing, monitor, operating elements etc.
  • IP55 cooling device

Scope of delivery

  • Modular belt conveyor with integrated X-ray scanner system, pusher and transfer table

Operating voltage

  • 200 - 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz, single-phase


  • 10 A

X-ray tube

  • 80 kV/1,25 mA; tube current and high voltage are separately adjustable
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