Quality assurance and theft protection with multi-functional labels

Today, labels not only have to look good but must also provide for quality assurance and theft protection. In the supply chain it means to make illegal re-packaging more difficult and in trade to reduce shoplifting. Multi-functional labels from Bizerba meet these requirements.

Multifunctional labels for retail market, craft, industry and logistic

Security seal labels: Protect against brand and product manipulations

In order for manufacturers to protect their own brand from illegal tampering Bizerba has developed a tamper-proof original seal, a so-called »TE label«. The abbreviation TE means »tamper evident« that is labels with seal function which cannot be removed without leaving residues on the surface.


This synthetic paper consists of several wafer-thin layers. The emerging laminate unravels on removal since Bizerba is making use of a particularly strong adhesive used at the Bochum label factory in its own laminate production. Among the users of TE labels are international manufacturers of high quality food, from Argentinian steak to fancy sweets. But even CDs, perfumes and technical equipment can be securely protected by these labels.


RF (Radio Frequency) labels: Theft protection for liquor in retail stores

Expensive wines and liquor are among the products most favored by shoplifters in food retailing. Bizerba offers an alternative to locking goods in glass cabinets or securing goods with electronic capsules on the neck of bottles: The electronic RF label. If a customer leaves the store without having the transponder removed at the cash register an alarm is triggered. This solution is more and more used in food retailing to secure high-quality meat or large packages.


The RF (Radio Frequency) transponder is attached underneath the decorative label during the production process and is barely visible. Manufacturers can apply the label in the usual way without having to change their production or training their staff.