Bizerba Plug-In®-Label System

The automotive market is offering keys for storing specific driver data. When the driver gets into the car, the seats are automatically adjusted based on predefined parameters. Bizerba follows a similar principle with the Plug-In®-Label for professional and intelligent control of price and goods labeling.

Plug-In-Label Code

When the food manufacturer inserts a label roll, the price labeler scans a code on the back of the backing paper by means of a camera system and will automatically adjust itself to the respective application.


The code includes information about the label itself as well as predefined parameters which the user retrieves from the customer database and uploads. The labeler identifies the material and the format, where the areas to be printed are located, the type of lacquer and adhesive as well as the maximum print speed.


This function was specifically developed for weigh price labeler GLM-Ievo and the Bizerba labels »BRL 70« and »BRL 90«.


Currently, a print speed of 300 millimeters per second at a throughput of 200 packages per minute is achievable. The labeler ensures that the maximum speed is only applied if thermal labels are used which are suitable for this extremely high speed. For each batch there is a safety check to ensure optimal print results for barcodes and reference texts, perfect readability resulting in fewer rejected products by the retailer.


No more incorrect labeling

Companies manufacturing for different countries or which have to label a large variety of products benefit from another quality assurance function: Before the labeling starts, a comparison of data matrix code and PLU number ensures that, for example, only labels in the correct language are applied to the products. If code and PLU number do not match, the »GLM-Ievo« stops labeling and issues a warning message. Only after a staff member has changed the label roll and has called up the correct PLU and all parameters match, the machine starts with the automatic configuration.


High label quality guaranteed

Bizerba's individual coding of each roll guarantees our customers that these are original labels which ensures greater transparency and production reliability. Like any other technical equipment a Bizerba machine runs most efficiently with compatible materials – for instance with regard to print speed and self-cleaning effect, set-up time, readability of text and barcodes and with a minimum amount of wear and tear of spare parts.