Flexible and modular: The Bizerba cash register and scale system »K-Class Flex«

Multi-branch solutions are increasingly in demand allowing staff to weigh on the counter and to install components such as printers and cash register drawers separate from each other exactly where space is available.

Counter integration K-Class Flex, modular and custom-made

Restaurants prefer solutions allowing waiters to transfer orders to the kitchen via a wireless hand-held device. Often, they also want to connect to hardware and software from other manufacturers.


The option to vary software and hardware is a clear trend because flexible systems offer users long-term investment protection. They remain independent and flexible regardless of how the requirements of this industry change.


The technology disappears into the background

The K-Class Flex from Bizerba is of modular design: central control unit, scale, cash register drawer and printer can be positioned separately from each other in the counter area. Operator and customer display are fitted with swivel arms. Due to its modular design, the technology virtually disappears into the background. Advantage: Operators have eye contact with the customers and have unhindered access to the service counter. The available space is optimally used and the necessary technology does not distract from the product.


Software service from a single source

For many decision makers in trade the software for a new cash register and scale system is a key criterion. Bizerba provides advice and support in all software related questions. Scales and cash registers can be reached via Internet by means of e-Service allowing our technicians to quickly access a system and solve the problem.