Our company makes history and has done so for more than 150 years

Bizerba's success story begins more than 150 years ago in Balingen, Baden-Wuerttemberg. To this day the founding family Kraut, now already in its fifth generation, has a close relationship to Balingen and Bizerba. During its lifetime, Bizerba has become a global operating, in many areas leading technology company, blending established traditions and values with continual innovations and fresh thinking.

Biggest German scale factory


The company is restructured into an industrial business with efficient manufacturing. Bizerba becomes the largest scales manufacturer in Germany employing some 800 people. Wilhelm Kraut Junior, dynamic leader, salesman with a vision, driving force and vibrant heart of the company, is ably assisted by his two younger brothers, Erwin and Arthur, who are both engineers. Their way of thinking and technical organisational skills form the backbone of the development and production departments. Their father, Wilhelm Kraut Senior, takes an active part in the company as “building contractor” well into the 50s.

Entery in the industrial scale technology


The delivery program successfully follows parallel paths starting with the development and series production of heavy duty industrial scales. These scales which use high precision double pendulum gauge heads with the 1 and 5 turns of the needle are considered a wonder of fine mechanical precision engineering. Only the best craftsmen are allowed to work on the project.

Printing industrial scale


Bizerba develops the first printer mechanism for industrial scales and constructs a production facility at its headquarters in Balingen for heavy duty industrial scales, a facility which is still in use today.

Scale museum in Balingen


Professor Wilhelm Kraut hands over his private collection of weighing scales to the town of Balingen which establishes the “Museum für Waage und Gewicht” (Museum for Weights and Scales) in the Zollernschloss (Zollern Castle). In 2005 it is greatly extended to provide more rooms for new exhibits.

Industrial scales with special functions


Following on from various postal scales and checkweighers, Bizerba launches a new genre of scales: counting scales for bulk parts.

The Bizerba OP scale


The Bizerba OP - the calculating marvel on the shop counter - is patented. These shop scales, the first worldwide to display the price, are manufactured and shipped around the globe in their thousands until the 60s, when the era of mechanical scales comes to an end.



Bizerba’s famous shiny silver Eloxal finish gives a new boost to the successful vertical slicers launched in the 40s. Demand for the slicers increases so much that a new food service machine factory is built in Messkirch.

New industrial applications


The first industrial scales with remote weight display and printer.