Our company makes history and has done so for more than 150 years

Bizerba's success story begins more than 150 years ago in Balingen, Baden-Wuerttemberg. To this day the founding family Kraut, now already in its fifth generation, has a close relationship to Balingen and Bizerba. During its lifetime, Bizerba has become a global operating, in many areas leading technology company, blending established traditions and values with continual innovations and fresh thinking.

Automatic labeling of 150 packages per minute


The GLM-I series combines high performance during continuous operation in an industrial environment with significant improvements in terms of usage, serviceability and hygiene. Its modular design means individual configurations are possible. Multiple subsystems - such as belt units - and an almost infinite number of labellers with diverse functions can be linked together. The jury of iF Design Awards 2003 awarded the GLM-I series its 2001 coveted iF label for product design.

Bread slicer BS 38


The BS 38 is a bread slicer which operates without oil. It can be used either by the customer (self-service) or by a sales assistant serving the customer. The PC is also finding its way into the industrial scales and data technology. The NT terminal and Ntscale software become an instant hit.

Multimedia and video-ready scales


Bizerba moves on to developing PC shop scales with a multimedia experience - now they can even show videos.

The slicer 500 A


The newly styled PC-based CE scales with freely configurable bright touch screen are not only impressive in terms of ease of use and improved ergonomics, they also allow better quality advice to be given to consumers which in turn increases sales. Another invention: the A 500 automatic slicer with integrated portion scales for automatic control of slice thickness.



Increased presence in the confectionary, cakes and bread manufacturing industry.

The first generation of modular checkweighers (CWE) leave the factory in Hildesheim.

Makes the refrigeration chain visible  - TTI systems Labels


The TTI system label with application technology is presented at the IFFA for the first time. Bizerba Labels and Consumables in Bochum is certified by Ciba Specialty Chemicals as the sole manufacturer of TTI system labels in Europe. A practical solution is now available for the food, commerce and logistics industries which provides a visible guarantee of cold chain compliance and hence freshness of goods at the POS. Following widespread field tests, it looks likely that the new technology will be deployed in many areas.

PC scales of the second generation


Key feature at the point of sale: innovative touch screen scales with all the important retail tasks - weighing, paying, advertising, printing, and advising - implemented in a single solution. The Bizerba K-Class is a platform for multimedia marketing campaigns and targeted cross selling, and an instrument for sales training and consumer advice. The scales are fitted with two displays - one facing the customer, the other facing the sales assistant - and a modern graphics printer. An extra feature: content can be downloaded directly from the website, edited and adapted according to requirements, and then uploaded from the PC to the scales.

The best of two worlds together in a solution


Bizerba integrates a measurement sensor based on interference-free 2-string technology into the CWL Eco in-motion scales. The technology was developed by Pesa, a subsidiary of the Bizerba Group, and measures mass rather than weight. This means scales calibration does not depend on location. In particular, the system construction process and system supplier benefit from the new technology.