Digital slicing

Precise slicing, integrated weighing and the first slicer of its type which is prepared for digital transformation. This is all possible with the new fully automatic slicer series VSI. Central device management, remote support or also data analysis characterize the "Digital slicing" subject for which the VSI series stands for.

Digital slicing



Freely configurable and easy to operate. This is the new operating concept of the digital slicers. Colors, tile sizes or product images can be easily customized via touch screen. Thanks to defined authorization levels in the user management operating errors can be sustainably prevented.

Slicing to target weight


Slicing to target weight is required for integration in your production lines. With the tendency control of the slice thickness the exact package weight can be already ensured during slicing of a portion.



Remote support allows both the customer and service to remotely access the slicer. Thus, monitoring and management tasks can be centralized via LAN connection.



Customizable stacking options. Create your own stacking pattern with up to 16 stacks per portion. Stack heights up to 90 mm are possible.



No matter if lengthwise or crosswise - make use of the various configurable parameters to tailor the depositing pattern to your needs.

Circular pattern


No matter if one, two or three layers. Use the easily configurable parameters to create any circular pattern you like.



Easy but still appealing, this depositing type allows you to pile up waver-thin slices of ham for a fresh and varied appearance of your fresh produce counter.



The new fully automatic slicer has been developed for use in both retail and industrial environments. Together with the optional weighing function it is the perfect solution for retail tasks and industry challenges.



Appealing depositing types, slicing to target weight, intuitive operation and numerous other functions make the new generation of slicers the most favorable work tool of your staff and at the same time can be efficiently integrated into your processes.



Designed for use in industrial applications these slicers can in future be easily and flexibly integrated in your production processes thanks to the optimal control interface. Outstanding throughput, error-free operation and ease of cleaning for a slicer of this class.